Riding Rules

Oedipus Motorcycle Club
Ride Information

The Oedipus Motorcycle Club conducts monthly rides, generally on the last Sunday of each month.  Our rides are listed on the website Calendar section, as they are scheduled.  The calendar includes, meeting locations, times and route information for each ride.

We do not print out copies of the route sheets.  You should print it out on your computer and bring it with you on the ride.  The route sheets include contact information, directions and gathering points for the ride.

Riding rules:

  1. Have fun on the ride.  This is not a test of speed or ability.
  2. Bring a map and a copy of the route sheet to the ride.  We do not print out extra copies.
  3. Avoid riding as a large, parade like group.  Instead break up into smaller groups of 3-5 riders who ride with similar abilities.  We will wait a reasonable amount of time at each gathering point.
  4. Be courteous to other riders, cars, and traffic.  Allow ample space for traffic flow and other riders to be able to react to road conditions.
  5. Try to signal others behind you of road hazards.  Point to pot holes, gravel, oils, puddles etc when possible.
  6. No stunting or wheelies.
  7. Helmets and reasonable safety gear is required.  The designated ride captain has the option of disallowing riders that are unsafe.
  8. Check your bike mechanically (tires, gas, oil, chain etc) before you ride.  We do not tech-check bikes for you.
  9. You are responsible for your own safety.  If you feel that you are going too fast, or riding over your head, slow down.  We will wait at the gathering points.
  10. Lastly, see rule #1.

Please try to RSVP on our website before the ride.  The RSVP list for our rides contains confidential cell phone and emergency contact information for the ride captain’s use on each ride.

We want our rides to be safe and fun for all.  We recognize that there are many different types of riders, motorcycles and abilities on our rides.   Following these rules will help us conduct a safe and fun ride.